EP351: Shannon Lavender - How To Design The Bookkeeping Business You Want

“I love the accounting ability to be able to fix problems for people and make things better. But, I also have to learn there is a certain point where I need to be doing them for me, so my systems are in place.” 
- Shannon Lavender    

Too often we design our businesses solely on the people we wish to emulate. The ones we call successful. We get stuck in habits and patterns of trying to live a life that is not authentic, of trying to create a business that doesn’t align with our true dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, there is space to learn from others while holding true to what it is that makes you happy. 

Shannon Lavender, small business owner, QuickBooks Pro Advisor and Pure Bookkeeping licensee, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent 20+ years helping people build their dreams, by finding, building and using the right systems for them. 

If you are struggling, unsure which direction to move to chase down your dream then this is the episode to get you thinking about what truly makes you happy, and how (with a little help), you might reach your goal. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

    •   The value of systemizing your bookkeeping business 
    •    How to decide what success looks like to you
    •    The importance of setting healthy boundaries

Connect with Shannon on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps
01:33 - Shannon talks about her career journey 
03:58 - Overcoming the obstacles of taking over existing businesses 
05:21 - Adapting to unforeseen changes 
06:12 - Setting healthy boundaries with your clients 
07:30 - Finding the way that works for you to find clients 
09:53 - The Pure Bookkeeping journey 
12:05 - Implementing the right systems
19:10 - Getting your time back 
23:04 - Dreaming big: the future of Shannon's business 
29:00 - Designing the business you want 

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