EP344: Spotlight - Nadia Rodriguez - Advisory Bookkeeping: How To Communicate Your Value

“They depend on us to relate to them important information on how to minimize tax, how to reach their financial goals. If we do it in a more structured way, our clients are going to see the value in that expertise.”
- Nadia Rodriguez
Expanding your bookkeeping business to include advisory capacity is scary for many. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to self-belief and self-confidence. But consider this... how many times have you been talking with a client, answering all of their questions in a fun and relaxed way only to realize later that it took you years of training and trial and error to get to the result?
Nadia Rodriguez, a Senior Tax Analyst Programmer at Intuit, is this spotlight episode's special guest. She speaks to the way bookkeepers are sitting on a huge wealth of knowledge they aren’t pricing for, how to communicate your value to your clients and the importance of building networks that keep you on the cutting edge of bookkeeping best practice.
If you are finding yourself giving everything away for free, charging by the hour or feeling trapped patching sinking ships in the minefield that is compliance work then this episode will help you start to leverage your knowledge and skills to assist your clients in avoiding those troubled waters and chart a better course to achieving their financial dreams.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of pricing for your worth, not just your time
  • How to create the capacity to grow your business
  • The importance of building strong bookkeeping networks

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Time Stamps
01:37 - Nadia talks about her career journey
05:23 - Getting to grips with advisory services
09:22 - Separating the solution
11:27 - Creating the capacity to grow
13:52 - Growing your network
15:46 - Tax strategies for bookkeepers
23:25 - Finding a suitable billing model
26:35 - Bookkeeping in real-time

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