EP341: Jamie Van Cuyk - The Secrets Of Effective Hiring

“No one can do it the way you are doing it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your way is the best way or the only way.”

-Jamie Van Cuyk

Hiring the right candidate is challenging, often we are better suited to, or skilled at other areas of our business. Sometimes we may even think putting out a job advertisement is a piece of cake and yet are baffled when we don’t get suitable applicants or worse, hire someone that just doesn’t fit well with the business. 

We can’t hire the right people into our business until we fully understand what the right person looks like. Skills can be taught, but values are more deeply ingrained. If you aren’t sure what you value, how can you build a team of like-minded people?

Jamie Van Cuyk, owner of Growing Your Team and host of the Growing Your Team podcast, is this episode’s returning guest. She is a master of the hiring and firing cycle. She has helped countless small businesses find employees that are more than bodies in a seat, but dedicated, retainable and aligned members of the team who love what they do.

If you are struggling to hire the right people or to even begin identifying who the right person may be before you begin the hiring process, this episode will give you all the tips you need to not only make hiring a breeze, but make sure you are finding people that really care about what they do. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of aligning employees with your business goals 
  • How to hire the ideal candidate for your bookkeeping business 
  • The importance of understanding what motivates your employees 

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Time Stamps

01:37 - Reflecting on the last year

05:28 - Looking to the future

07:00 - The difficulties of hiring the right people

11:14 - The secrets to effective hiring 

17:04 - How to retain quality employees 

22:04 - The hiring and firing cycle

28:45 - Getting to grips with delegation 

32:38 - How to get in touch with Jamie

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