EP340: Spotlight - Jennie Moore - Owning The Awkward Conversation: How To Articulate Your Value

“The first thing to becoming successful is defining who you want to work with, who is your ideal client?”
- Jennie Moore

Welcome back to another Successful Bookkeeper Spotlight session with your host, Louie Prosperi.

Our lives revolve around conversation, we hope that all of our interactions will be good, but often, this is not the case. Differences of opinion, expectation, and understanding can lead to some really uncomfortable conversations. 

Not wanting conflict can often paralyze us, freezing us into doing work or continuing to do work we never agreed to do. Scope creep is going to happen, but what is important is how we deal with it. Allowing our clients to change the scope on a whim is going to cost you thousands of dollars a year, not to mention leave you feeling potentially resentful and burnt out.

Jennie Moore, owner of Moore Details, and partnership manager at Ignition is this spotlight episode’s featured guest. She has spent her career helping people have awkward conversations, set boundaries, and learn to articulate their worth. She speaks powerfully about finding the fun in your bookkeeping business, embracing mistakes, and communicating value. 

If you are struggling to set the scope at the beginning of your client relationships, feeling unable to express your worth despite helping your clients become more profitable, or would just like to learn how to speak about yourself with more confidence and courage, then this is the episode to shift unhelpful and negative mindsets into positive and courageous ones. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of owning the awkward conversation to articulate your worth
  • How to embrace a digital mindset in your bookkeeping business
  • The importance of being clear about the scope of your services 

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Time Stamps
01:47 - Jennie talks about her career journey 
03:05 - Balancing the personal and professional 
05:48 - Influencing product by following our passions 
08:28 - Being a part of something you love 
10:06 - Learning from our mistakes to create success 
15:01 - Out-of-scope work is a profit killer 
22:12 - Setting your standards from the start 
24:48 - Embracing the digital mindset 
29:10 - Finding the right automatized services for your bookkeeping business 
35:28 - Owning the awkward conversation 

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