EP338: Kristy Yoder - Unlocking Your Bookkeeping Business Potential With Delegation

“If you’re forcing yourself to do those tasks you don’t enjoy doing and you’re not good at, please start delegating!”
- Kristy Yoder

Happy New Year and welcome to the first episode of 2023!

Running a bookkeeping business can be overwhelming, especially at this time of year, so much needs to get done and it can often feel like we are the only ones capable of doing it right. Problems start to arise in our businesses when everything that needs our attention, only gets a portion of our effort.

Delegation is key in business. What tasks can you source to other people, so you have more time to focus on your passion? Remember, clients don’t stay with your service just because you do their books, they stay because they recognize a passion in you for something they struggle to do. Maybe it’s time to start recognizing those passions in others, and how they might help you to build and scale your bookkeeping business to new heights.

Our first guest of the year is the founder and CEO of Smart Virtual Assistants, and host of the Master Delegator podcast, Kristy Yoder. She found her passion in helping people learn to delegate the things they aren’t good at, so they can focus on the things they are. This episode is a masterclass full of useful tips to find and train the right people for you.

If you are having trouble letting go of the need to do everything, aren’t sure of how to train a VA, or are afraid you’ll be stuck with employees that don’t make your life easier, this is the episode to help you overcome those fears!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of building strong & trusting relationships with your virtual assistant
  • How to hire a great VA
  • The importance of delegating tasks to focus on your passions 

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Time Stamps
01:39 - Kristy talks about her career journey 
04:35 - The importance of delegating work 
07:22 - Barriers to proper delegation 
11:15 - Common mistakes when hiring a VA
16:45 - Great operating procedures empower great businesses
18:22 - Learning to love the tasks clients hate
21:02 - Tips to help you hire a great VA for your bookkeeping business
25:50 - How Smart Virtual Assistants can help you
28:55 - The best way to end bad relationships 
31:26 - The Master Delegator Podcast

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