EP337: 2022 Year In Review Show!

It is almost the end of 2022 and wow, do we have an incredible episode for you to finish off the year!  

In our special Year in Review show, Michael talks to a panel of terrific guests about the ups and downs of the industry this past year. Our returning Year in Review guests are Julie Watson, founder of Bookkeeping Relief, Jessica Fox, owner of Florida Virtual Bookkeeper, Teresa Slack, co-founder of Financly, and Katrina Aarsman, CEO of Pure Bookkeeping Australia.

Our guests reflect on their biggest surprises of 2022, tell heartwarming stories of success, navigate the complexity of growing businesses in an ever-changing and challenging market, and discuss the future trends facing us in 2023.

Whether 2022 has been a year of success or a year of challenge for you, there is something for everyone in this episode. From fears around inflation and staffing, to the success that can come from taking on a more advisory role with your clients to help them build strong and profitable businesses. Our guests speak powerfully about the struggles they have witnessed this year, and yet still leave us feeling uplifted and ready to face the challenges of 2023.

There are so many incredible nuggets of wisdom in this episode, so grab your headphones, a cup of tea and settle in! 

We are so grateful to all of our wonderful listeners who have joined us this year. YOU make this show possible. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of learning from failure to build a successful bookkeeping business
  • How to navigate the changes & challenges of the industry
  • The importance of getting your long-term strategy right & knowing when to pivot

Find out more about our guests:

Katrina Aarsman
Julie Watson
Jessica Fox 
Teresa Slack

Time Stamps
01:23 - Michael introduces this episode’s special guests
02:22 - The panel talks about their biggest surprises of 2022  
08:35 - Knowledge building; the impact of virtual & in-person events 
12:45 - The challenges & setbacks of 2022
21:31 - How do we navigate these complex changes & challenges?
27:45 - This year’s heartwarming stories of client success 
37:24 - The heartbreaks of 2022 
50:23 - Strategies for growth: what didn’t work this year
01:03:06 - Strategies for growth: what really worked this year
01:13:29 - Industry trends heading into 2023
01:21:23 - Our guests talk about their big focus for 2023

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