EP336: Nikki Rausch - How To Build Your Dream With The Help Of Your Team

“We all are really good at one or two things, but we can all do maybe 20-100 things, and sometimes as entrepreneurs, I think we get caught up in the ‘I have to do it all.’
- Nikki Rausch

Pressure is a great motivator, but too much can damage the quality of our work and cause us to burn out. When we hold onto the belief that we are the only person that can achieve the right results for our clients, we end up with much less time to actually focus on the key things they hired us for in the first place.

Clients want to work with experts, but that expert doesn’t have to be you. It is okay to share clients with your team, not because they aren’t as worthy of your attention, but because you have trained and trusted your team to deliver the best possible outcome for your clients and your business.  

Nikki Rausch, who is the CEO of Sales Maven, a podcaster and author, is this episode’s featured guest. Nikki is a firm believer that none of us achieve success alone, and that our genius and skills are diluted when we spread ourselves too thinly. That is why we must hire people to do the things we can’t, we must build teams of people that complement and make each other stronger. 

If you are struggling to scale your bookkeeping business, feeling too thinly spread, or struggling to prioritize the best outcomes for your clients, then this is the episode to get you thinking more clearly about what building your dream team could really do for your business.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of building a skilled team in your bookkeeping business
  • How to stop underselling yourself to clients
  • The importance of understanding what kind of relationship your clients want

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Time Stamps
01:24 - Nikki talks about her experiences since her last guest appearance
02:21 - The importance of having a team in your business  
04:58 - Selling clients on working with your team
10:14 - How to stop underselling yourself 
18:21 - Building the right relationship with your clients
24:44 - Dealing with & adapting to crisis & change 
30:10 - Telling the story of your business 
34:00 - Motivating your team 
36:01 - Connecting with Nikki 

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