EP334: Michael Alliman - Part 1: How To Find Your Rhythm Of Success

“I’m not the expert in real estate, that's why I hire you. It doesn’t make any sense for me to learn it just to buy one house, as it doesn’t make any sense for you to learn accounting just to get your own numbers in order.”
- Michael Alliman
Creating, owning, and running our own business is really challenging. So many things need our attention that it can often feel overwhelming, like we can’t get our heads above the water. The desire becomes to keep throwing ourselves at problems, rather than take a deep breath, dive beneath the surface, and find a place of calm and wider perspective to help us resolve them.
In this first part of a two-part interview, Michael Alliman, owner of Alliman Business Group and Reconcile bookkeeping, talks about overcoming the things you think are holding you back to find your own rhythm of success.
Michael speaks inspirationally about the way he has taken his ADHD diagnosis and turned it into a hyper-focused superpower that enables him to dial into detail in a way that has become a great selling point to clients. He also speaks about the need to stop setting unrealistic goals and punishing ourselves when we can’t meet them.
If you are facing difficulties in your life or business and are struggling to change your mindset from one of fearing your complexity to one that embraces it, this is the episode for you!
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of embracing what your differences bring to the world
  • How to shift your mindset away from fear & toward success
  • The importance of getting focused on what it is you do well

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Time Stamps
01:42 - Michael talks about his career journey
06:25 - Creating a company you’d like to work for
09:19 - Overcoming the challenges of business
14:04 - Learning to recognize what difficulties have to teach us
18:40 - Embracing the value of difference

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