EP332: Spotlight - Omry Man - How Automation Can Save Your Bookkeeping Relationships

“With Anchor, you work and then you get paid by default and your client needs to actively do something in order for you not to get paid.”
- Omry Man 

It’s well-known that comfort and convenience rule everything we do. People and especially clients are always looking for simpler and more effective ways to handle their business. We have all had clients that aren’t good at paying us on time, not because they are bad people, but because their priorities and attention are directed elsewhere.

Omry Man, co-founder of Anchor, is this episode’s featured guest. He recognized a gap in the market, a gap created by the friction between bookkeepers and their clients. Anchor is an autonomous billing solution that sets out payment relationships from the get-go, and automates the entire process. So, you never have to wait on a bill again.

If you are struggling to get clients to pay on time, are feeling strained around repeatedly asking for payment, or are even too scared to push for the money you are owed for fear of losing a client, this is the episode for you. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of being consistent with your clients
  • How automation reduces friction in relationships
  • The importance of streamlining your services to focus on your bookkeeping business 

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Time Stamps

01:48 - Omry talks about his career journey 
03:55 - Overcoming bad experiences with clients 
09:10 - The real reason your clients aren’t paying on time
13:20 - Using automation to reduce friction  
17:20 - How Anchor works for you & your client
20:14 - The right metrics to measure 
26:20 - Getting connected with Anchor 

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