EP331: Elisa Schmitz - How To Practice Resilience In Your Personal & Professional Life

“There will always be chaos. There will always be change. You will always be dealing with fires in your life, and it’s really about how you respond to the chaos that will determine your success or failure.”
- Elisa Schmitz
The way we think becomes the way we act. If our thoughts are riddled with self-doubt and fear, we are never going to get to the place of success we dream about. Life is full of change and chaos, and there will always be another fire to put out. What separates successful people and businesses from the unsuccessful, is how they learn to adapt and respond to the chaos.
Often our lack of self-belief comes from doing things differently from other people in our industry. Yet it is those very differences that allow us to offer unique strengths and perspectives no one but us could.
Elisa Schmitz, founder and CEO of 30seconds.com, and author of the new book, Become The Fire, is this episode’s featured guest. Elisa has spent her career helping people embrace failure as a tool for learning and teaching them to shift their mindsets from ones based on fear to abundance and growth.
If you feel like you are pushing against the tide, unsure where to start or how to let go of the fears that have long protected you then this is the episode to pull you into the fire and so you can start to truly realize your personal and professional dreams.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of practicing resilience in your personal & professional lives
  • How to transfer your mindset from fear to abundance
  • The importance of embracing chaos & change 

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Time Stamps
02:07 - Elisa talks about her career journey
04:44 - The birth of 30Seconds.com
07:52 - Riding the business owner rollercoaster
09:33 - Learning to embrace the chaos
12:27 - Seizing your moment when it comes
15:25 - Practicing a resilience mindset
22:42 - Elisa’s strategies for success
27:48 - Making friends with your fear of change
32:34 - Where to find Elisa’s new book

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