EP330: Sharon Francisco - The Firms Of The Future: A Road Map To Success

“If you have the belief, you can’t get off that rat wheel…you’re not going to reach out for something to build the skills to help you.”
- Sharon Francisco

The wheel keeps turning and if we are not careful, we can end up trapped chasing the same things that aren’t working for us. Belief is a key component in the mindset of successful people. Very rarely do people master a skill on the first attempt. They become masters by believing that with every practice attempt, their abilities will improve.
If your environment and the people in it aren't serving to help lift you up to new heights, it might be time to consider a change of metaphorical scenery. To seek out a better space and people who can teach you the valuable skills you feel you are missing.
Sharon Francisco, an Australian bookkeeping business coach, is this episode’s featured guest. She speaks about the need for belief and confidence when building a business and explores the key assets that will set the firms of the future apart. Her approach to mentorship sees bookkeepers overcome their barriers and limited beliefs, by getting hands-on with the aspects of business that have previously scared them.
Whether you are struggling with pricing, or which niche to focus on, or how to hire the right people, you will only get better with practice. If you need that push, that injection of courage to get off the wheel and start moving in the direction of true success, this is the episode for you!
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of developing your niche skills to charge premium prices
  • What the future of business is going to look like
  • The importance of building a positive environment for your bookkeeping business

Click here to find out more about Sharon or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps
01:38 - Michael & Sharon catch up
03:20 - Overcoming the barriers to success
07:38 - Building a positive environment  
11:43 - Working on your business, not just in it
19:18 - Firms of the future: the ingredients of success
26:50 - Building positive relationships & good impressions
31:42 - The nine projects - a road map to the future

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