EP328: Shelli Warren - How To Upgrade Your Leadership Skills

“The minute you move into a leadership role, it's no longer about you.”
–Shelli Warren
Being a great individual contributor doesn’t always make for the best leadership material. We all know someone who is great at what they do but struggles to scale those skills when put into a leadership position. When filling leadership roles too often we are looking for someone to fill a gap, when we should be looking for someone who will grow and fulfill the future needs of the business.
Stepping up can be a real challenge. It takes courage to seek out people that can help us on our journeys to becoming effective leaders and the will to take an honest account of our current skills and get focused on self-development.
Shelli Warren, a team and leadership coach with Biz Chix and host of the Stacking Your Team podcast, returns to The Successful Bookkeeper podcast this week. (Catch her previous episode here.) Shelli has spent her career developing people into leaders. Questioning, encouraging, and helping people from a range of industry backgrounds to understand what it really means to be a leader.
If you are struggling to break into a leadership role, or are currently in one, but don’t know why things just aren’t working the way you had hoped, this is the episode for you.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of hiring for the future, not for a crisis
  • How to upgrade your leadership skills
  • The importance of understanding team dynamics

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Listen to the Stacking your Team Podcast here.

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Time Stamps
02:04 - Shelli talks about her career journey
04:02 - Shouldering responsibilities with grace
06:38 - The key skills of a good leader
13:32 - Good business leadership: a personal inventory
23:22 - Hiring for the future
27:28 - Why leadership skills are so rare
30:13 - Figuring out how to upgrade your leadership skills
39:14 - How to promote a team member into a leader: TSBK Summit sneak peek
42:20 - The perfect time to grow
45:46 - Where to find Shelli


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