EP327: Spotlight - Lasse Kalkar - Transforming Your Bookkeeping With Automated Services

“LiveFlow gives the ability to create these very tailored dashboards. What's really good about that, is that it allows the bookkeepers to increase the fees for their services.”
-Lasse Kalkar
Bookkeeping is not what it used to be. Clients are less willing to spend large sums of money on people to keep accounts when they can be easily kept by automated technology. The role of bookkeepers is changing, and those that are willing to embrace new technologies will be the ones that thrive in the bookkeeping advisory economy.
Lasse Kalkar, founder and CEO of LiveFlow, is this episode’s featured guest. He has spent his life filling the gaps for what the market needs, and his latest invention, LiveFlow revolutionizes the real-time ability of clients and bookkeepers to see their data in Google sheets and Microsoft Excel.
If you are tired of wasting hours manually inputting data and sending reports to your clients, this is the episode to get you thinking about what the future of your bookkeeping business could look like. Not only in how you share information with clients, but how through templates and sharing you could get immediate access to the best practice of some of the most skilled bookkeepers.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of automating systems to save time
  • How to offer better value & advice to your clients 
  • The importance of believing in yourself & being persistent

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Time Stamps
02:18  - Lasse talks about his career journey
03:54 - Overcoming the obstacles of entrepreneurship
09:47 - Understanding LiveFlow
12:51 - The value in automated systems
20:34 - Getting to grips with formulas
27:25 - Live Flow and team building


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