EP326: Andrea MacKenzie - How To Create A Conscious Leadership Mindset

“It’s marketing. Just saying bookkeeping is not as enticing as saying,  'I’m going to change your life!'
-Andrea MacKenzie

Sometimes success can take us by surprise. We can very quickly become overwhelmed by everything we have to get done. So much so, that when looking to scale our bookkeeping business, we are so desperate for help, we take the first person available. Having help though is never as useful or valuable as taking the time to find good help.
Andrea MacKenzie, founder of Lead with Harmony, is this episode’s featured guest. She is dedicated to assisting small business owners hire, develop, and lead great teams. Her approach is one of building a conscious leadership mindset, to help you create the right conditions to find, train and trust the right people in your business.
Energy attracts, and if you are hiring from a place of desperation, it’s likely you’ll only attract desperate people. Andrea speaks passionately about the need for getting your people processes right from the ground up, taking the time to really figure out who you are and what you need in others that supports business growth, not conflict and resentment.
If you are struggling to scale your bookkeeping business, butting heads with that quick hire you thought would be an answered prayer, or looking to develop your additional services but aren’t sure who to hire, this is the episode to help you get on the path to great, effective, and conscious leadership.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of effective assessment in hiring employees
  • How to identify the root causes of conflict & burnout
  • The importance of overcoming limiting & negative mindsets

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Time Stamps

01:35 - Andrea talks about her career journey
06:00 - The power in how you think
10:44 - The challenges of hiring the right people
15:20 - Overcoming fear & limiting mindsets
18:21 - Identifying the root causes of conflict & burnout
22:52 - Assessing people effectively
31:12 - Conscious leadership
34:08 - Working with Andrea


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