EP325: Karla Dembik - How To Build The Road Map To A Successful Bookkeeping Business

“I want to do this, but I don’t really know how to do it, so you talk to people who have been there before that can help you on the way.”
-Karla Dembik  

Pennies become dollars far faster than most of us realize. Businesses (on balance) don’t fail because of a dramatic catastrophe; they suffer death from a thousand cuts. We often agree to all kinds of service and business fees, because we don’t know any better. But there are people out there who can help reduce costs and increase revenue without increasing your prices.
Karla Dembik, ex-army intelligence officer, helicopter pilot, and now the owner of Phoenix Payment Processing is this episode’s featured guest. Karla’s curious and inquisitive approach has helped her flourish in any of her chosen careers, and now she gives back to people that need a little extra help building their own road maps to success.
If you are struggling to know what to do with your bookkeeping business, if you’re drowning in additional costs and add-ons that are bleeding you dry every month, then this is the episode to help you create your own path to success. One that will let you draw on the knowledge of all those that have faced the same challenges, so you can focus on the heart of your business. Serving the people you want to help.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of learning to ask the right questions
  • How to increase revenue without increasing prices
  • The importance of being open to change

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Time Stamps
02:42 - Karla discusses her career journey
06:55 - Working as an army intelligence officer
09:32 - Learning to ask the right questions
13:35 - Building the road map to success
17:10 - The rise of a phoenix
19:25 - The trigger points of change
22:02 - Navigating starting your own business
25:20 - Embracing Aha moments
29:28 - Increasing revenue without increasing prices

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