EP324: Erin Daiber - Healthy Boundaries And How They Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

"Being passive or being a people pleaser in business is not a great way to get results."
-Erin Daiber

Running a bookkeeping business isn’t easy. There are enough external challenges to contend with, without piling on internal ones of our own making. Too many of us aspire to be all things to all people. But this strategy only ever leads one way… to overextension and burnout.
There is a huge difference between being polite and being passive. You do not have to agree to every demand a client makes, nor should you. You will never be able to please everyone. It is far better to set healthy and effective boundaries instead. Ones that let you make and maintain polite and consistent connections while being firm and accurate about what is and what isn’t within your capacity to deliver.
Erin Daiber, CEO of Well Balanced Accountants is this episode’s featured guest. She is no stranger to the fears that come with running your own business, with the desire to people please everyone. In this episode, she speaks powerfully to the need for self-development work, and the need to find people who can help us avoid the same pitfalls and traps common in our industry.
If you are struggling to determine your purpose, overpromising and underdelivering, and failing to set healthy boundaries, this is the episode to help you break the scarcity mindset so you can create a bookkeeping business that delivers expertly on its promises.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of coaching & learning in your personal development journey
  • How to live with the fear of the unknown
  • The importance of setting healthy boundaries

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Time Stamps
01:25 - Erin talks about her career journey
04:15 - Overcoming the challenges of business
11:01 - Setting healthy boundaries
15:42 - Learning to live with the unknown
19:49 - Making peace with your inner child
22:21 - Encouraging your clients to explore themselves
26:27 - The value of finding the right coach for you
28:41 - Erin gives a sneak peek of her talk at the upcoming Successful Bookkeeper Summit

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