EP322: Andrew Wall - Why Continuous Learning Is Vital For Your Bookkeeping Business

“There are plenty of fish in the sea, and by helping the people in my community, that’s going to raise the tide, which is going to rise all ships.”
-Andrew Wall

Adapting to change is never easy. What we plan for versus what actually happens are often wildly different and can leave us feeling like we don’t really understand what we’re doing at all. Making plans and business building become much better when we shift our thinking from a mindset of having to be right about everything, to being open to learning anything.
Automated services may be slowly replacing traditional bookkeeping functions, but this isn’t anything to fear. When you figure out what value you are able to bring to the table, your business will no longer be about compliance and meeting deadlines, but a business that lets you forecast the future to keep your clients on the cutting edge.
Time spent worrying about whether you’ll have clients or not is wasted in the face of recognizing only you can do what you can do. When you’re passionate and love what you do, there is no other end result than learning, growing and becoming an expert in your field or niche.

Our featured guest checks those boxes.

Andrew Wall is the Managing Partner of CPA4IT, an accounting thought leader, and Friday Night Live with Accountants podcast host.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of proper communication in healthy relationships
  • How to evolve with ever-changing systems, processes & technologies
  • The importance of being open to continuous learning

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Time Stamps
02:21 - Andrew discusses his career journey
08:05 - Adapting to change to create the right conditions for growth
13:28 - The great accounting shift
18:21 - The future is bright
23:47 - Leveling up your learning
32:15 - Andrews shares his vision for the future
40:07 - Managing client expectations

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