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Ask questions.

Some bookkeepers don't do this when working with clients.

As a result, they are missing out on an incredible opportunity to not only help their customers grow their businesses, but they lose the chance to become a powerful asset to them in the process.

Our guest, Angela Meharg, who owns Datisfy which helps business owners receive custom QuickBooks reports, feels bookkeepers should increase their value by digging deeper and truly getting to know what their clients’ needs are.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you should research the industry your customer is in and find out the things that are typically measured

  • The crucial questions to ask your client that could be the key in solving their major problems and catapulting them to greater success

  • Why you must send a monthly email to your customer detailing how you've gone over and above to assist them

To learn more about Angela, visit this link.