EP319: Coreen Wright - How To Build A Community By Finding Your Tribe

“My tribe helped me realize I don’t need to compete with anyone, and I can use everyone as a resource and sounding board.”

-Coreen Wright
There is a tendency among small business owners and start-ups, to feel like they are in constant competition with others from within their industries. The same fear is true among bookkeepers. But when you let go of the idea that asking for help equates to weakness, you’ll begin to find like-minded people, all with a desire to help one another out.
Your inner imposter may be screaming at you, that you don’t belong until you are a master of your craft, but imagine how much quicker you could achieve your goals if you connect to and learn from people that have already made all the same mistakes you have.
Coreen Wright, President and Owner of Faith Accounting and Consulting Services, is this episode’s featured guest. She has spent years building an incredible business designed to help her clients with their accounting. Her approach is one of working to overcome limiting mindsets to leverage your skills and connections to create the perfect business for you.
If you are finding yourself, competing with other people, struggling to learn new things, or connecting with people in your industry, this episode will be the one to give your self-esteem a boost and help shift your mindset.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of setting boundaries & valuing your energy & time
  • How to let go of the need to do everything in order to focus on what brings you the most joy
  • The importance of finding supportive people & communities

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Contact her directly at hello@faithacs.com.
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Time Stamps       

01:33 - Coreen talks about her career journey
04:55 - Pulling the trigger on a new life
06:04 - Overcoming the challenges of starting a business
09:44 - Learning to embrace our mistakes
13:48 - The value of Pure Bookkeeping
18:45 - Finding the right clients for you
21:56 - Solving pricing issues
23:20 - The benefits of Accelerate 2 Advisor program
27:30 - Visions of the future

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