EP318: Natalie Eckdahl - Why Having A Niche Can Save Your Bookkeeping Business - Part 2

“Probably 20% of your clients are causing 80% of the problems.”

-Natalie Eckdahl
Finding your bookkeeping niche is hard. But not as hard as finding the number of clients needed to make a low-price business successful. Low pricing may seem like the way to gain many clients fast. But in reality, this kind of business model is working against you.
When you find your niche, it will be because it is something you are passionate about, something you can become an expert in, because you care about it. It is time to stop charging for a basic general service, and start charging for what your knowledge, expertise and experience are truly worth.
In part two, Natalie Eckdahl, founder of BizChix, host of the longest-running female entrepreneur podcast and voted one of the top women in business to listen to, speaks to the need to let go of mindsets and clients that are holding you back, finding your niche, and her upcoming virtual talk at The Successful Bookkeeper Summit.
If you are struggling, as an aimless generalist, taking every client you can for fear of losing business, this is the episode to get you headed in the right direction!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of finding your own niche
  • How to let go of clients that are holding you back
  • The importance of connecting with the right clients

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Natalie will be one of our great virtual speakers at The Successful Bookkeeper Summit that begins on November 9th 2022. Don't miss her presentation by getting your FREE ticket TODAY!

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Time Stamps

2:30 - The value of finding your niche
9:31 - Building an enduring business
11:19 - Finding the best ways to connect to clients
12:40 - Learning to let go to build a better future
18:45 - The Successful Bookkeeper Summit
22:12 - Ways to connect with Natalie

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