EP315: Tanya Hilts - How To Build Your Bookkeeping Business Success

“You will never have the time, and you have to make the time, so make it in small chunks. Schedule fifteen minutes a day to work on that, because as long as you are moving forward, you aren’t standing still or moving backward.”

-Tanya Hilts

Finding your own path is not easy. Textbooks say one thing, but real life says another. Your story isn’t written by anyone but you. So, you won’t know how successful you could be until you try. No matter your educational background. If you have a willingness to learn, to start from the ground up and build your dream career, because you cannot see yourself doing anything else, then you will always be successful. It is your knowledge and desire to serve, not your certificates that set the standard of who you are.
Tanya Hilts, founder of Cloud Business Services, board member of CPB Canada and operator of Tanya’s Bookkeeping Bootcamp is this episode's featured guest. Her approach speaks to a need to practice continuous learning, to build your confidence to face the many challenges of the bookkeeping industry.

She believes when you have the right work ethic, nothing can get in your way. If self-doubt, confidence issues or concerns you aren’t on the right path are bothering you, this is the episode to spark your embers.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of continuously learning & building mentor relationships
  • How to build & follow your own path to success
  • The importance of facing challenges with confidence

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Time Stamps

01:50 - Tanya talks about her career journey
05:05 - Following your own path to success
07:28 - Finding programs & mentors to further your learning
10:34 - Facing challenges with confidence
15:12 - Saying goodbye to clients who aren’t serving you
22:45 - Finding your ideal client
31:40 - Perfecting personal service
36:20 - Tanya’s Bootcamps & training services

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