EP314: Michael Eckstein - Understanding The Value Of Having A Bookkeeping Niche

“They don’t come to you because you can do numbers, they come because they enjoy talking to you.”

-Michael Eckstein  
Starting a business is never easy, and while we can all theorize about potential outcomes, there is no substitution for trying and seeing what works. No one ever learned to run a business in any other way than just running one.
The advice of others is key in this process, but it isn’t the be all and end all. You have to find your own way, plot your own course through the business world to create the best possible outcome for you. What you are doing should be fun! People should want to work with you for your passion and because you are fun to work with, not because you have something to sell them.
When you find your own personal brand, your own niche, and way of connecting with clients, you are far more likely to succeed.
Michael Eckstein ‘LinkedIn’s Cutest Accountant’ is this episode's featured guest. He speaks to the need to embrace yourself and be authentic about who you are. How to find your niche and understand the patterns that exist within it to serve clients you are truly interested in helping. And how to seek out the right audience by building real connections and friendships.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of understanding the patterns of your niche
  • How to find your audience where they are
  • The importance of building lasting honest relationships

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Time Stamps

1:28 - Michael talks about his career journey

2:44 - Finding the flow in your business

6:28 - The story behind LinkedIn’s Cutest Accountant

8:11 - Finding your niche

14:00 - Understanding your niche’s fact pattern

16:25 - Finding your audience where they are

21:15 - Three base rules for content creation

26:00 - Building lasting relationships

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