EP313: Dawn Brolin - How To Recognize Your Value To Achieve Success

“Once you realize what you love to do, you get really good at it, and you can charge a lot more money for it.”

-Dawn Brolin

Finding the path to success is never easy. Even ‘overnight’ successes don’t happen overnight. It can be easy to feel like the only way to double your profit is by doubling your clients. But more work isn’t the answer. One of the biggest challenges is finding out what we really want to do and dialing into that then accepting we don’t have to do everything. We have to find the things that spark joy in us. That makes us the kind of people clients are desperate to work with.

When you connect with the elements of your bookkeeping business that you truly love, you’ll begin to understand that dollars don’t drive success, confidence does. If you feel stuck in your pricing, stuck working more hours than you’d like, handling elements of the business that aren’t exciting to you. It’s time to dial into the things that truly bring you joy. And to do them with such confidence clients will have no trouble meeting your prices.

Dawn Brolin, CEO of Powerful Accounting and arguably one of the most influential and powerful women in the industry today, is this episode's featured guest. Her approach to business is one of confidence, understanding and continuous learning. If you are feeling unsure about your place in the bookkeeping industry, let her words in this episode offer you the motivation you need to become the best possible version of yourself.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of getting out there & getting connected
  • How to break the belief barrier to charge what you are truly worth
  • The importance of establishing value from the beginning of relationships

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Time Stamps

2:02 - Dawn talks about her career journey
4:11 - The drivers of change
7:41 - Showing business owners the value of bookkeeping
12:01 - Dawn’s Aha! moments
15:14 - Overcoming our mistakes
20:11 - Becoming the designated motivator
29:01 - The challenges of limiting beliefs
37:50 - Offering the best value to your clients
43:10 - Where to get Dawn’s book for free

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