EP311: Amanda Hamilton - Delegating Your Tasks With Intention

“Once you get going, you get more and more productive.”

-Amanda Hamilton 

Our bookkeeping businesses are our babies. We put the work in with the hope they’ll grow healthy and strong. But sometimes this desire can overwhelm our ability to step back, and to delegate tasks that leave us more time to focus on the areas we really love to work in. Don’t wait until you are burnt out to start planning what to delegate, start small and simple and build on it from there.
If your business life is task-heavy, it is not going to feel fulfilling. Letting go of the need to handle everything yourself is challenging, but when you start with the smaller tasks, it gets easier to layer on more complicated ones as your faith in those you have delegated to begins to grow.
Amanda Hamilton, Founder of Hamilton Raye, is this episode’s featured guest. She specializes in connecting the right people based on experience and personality, to free up valuable time and energy. By creating a list of your intended priorities and focusing on your pain points, you too can figure out the best tasks to delegate and where your true passion in your business lies.
During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of being intentional about how & what you delegate
  • How to gain access to experienced talent without the added cost
  • The importance of delegating & outsourcing tasks

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Time Stamps       

1:42 - Amanda talks about her career journey
5:05 - Gaining access to people with experience
9:02 - Delegating with intention
12:22 - The signs that show you need help
14:52 - Picking the easiest tasks to delegate
17:35 - Dealing with a lack of standardization
20:10 - Hamilton Raye’s onboarding process
25:30 - The five keys of outsourcing


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