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You're not alone.

According to our guest, Melanie Power, who is the head of bookkeeping at Xero, many bookkeepers are working on their own.

They might have staff, but they probably aren't as like-minded.

As a result, bookkeeping can be isolating, but there's a way to battle that.

You could start by joining bookkeeper communities like Melanie's Bookkeeper Revolution and our own, Successful Bookkeeper Facebook Group.

It's a great way to share challenges and wins with people who know what you're going through and are willing to support you.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to collaborate with bookkeepers across the globe

  • Why selling isn't a dirty word

  • The importance of getting your business model figured out

To learn more about Melanie, visit this link.

To visit Bookkeeper Revolution (BR) on Facebook, click here.

To check out BR on LinkedIn, read here.

If you're interested in attending the conferences Melanie mentioned in this episode, click on the below names to access the links.

Accountex, IPBC Conference, Scaling New Heights, Learn To Be A Bookkeeper & Xerocon

For Xero's latest product releases, check out its blog at this link.