EP309: Lora Lonesberry - How To Efficiently Run Your Bookkeeping Business - Part 2

“If you’re not uncomfortable in what you’re doing, you’re not growing.”

-Lora Lonesberry

Habits are hard to break. Though we may feel safe, set in our ways, being too unwilling to learn new things, can only hurt the long-term viability of your bookkeeping business. When you learn to embrace and adapt to new insights and technologies, you’ll keep yourself a step ahead of those that can only stand still.

Recognizing what it is you love about your career, will give you the perfect starting line. There will always be aspects of the job that aren’t as glamorous, but when you are open to learning new things, a world of automation and systemization opens up to you.

There is a wealth of training and technology that can be utilized and tailored to get things running in the background. Leaving you all the more time to focus your attention on the areas of your business that bring you the most purpose and joy.

Lora Lonesberry, owner of Positive Statements, understands all of this.

In part two of her conversation with Michael, she provides insight on these topics...

  • How to modify your bookkeeping business to run more effectively & efficiently
  • The value of recognizing where your passion truly lies
  • The importance of adapting to continuous industry changes

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Time Stamps   
1:30 - The freedom of committing to choices
5:30 - The keys to your future
10:10 - Scaling your bookkeeping business
13:04 - Fulfilling your passion
18:30 - Adapting to continuous changes
23:30 - Investing in yourself
28:14 - Overcoming burnout to live more freely

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