EP308: Lora Lonesberry - Building Bookkeeping Relationships & Knowing Your Value - Part 1

“It’s like walking down the street naked. You can tell me whatever you like, but the numbers are going to tell the truth of what the story of your business is.”

-Lora Lonesberry

Running your own business is challenging. It can be easy to get caught up in the idea that you are competing against everyone else for a slice of the profit. But really the only person you have to compete with is yourself.

Our struggles and mistakes offer us perspective and learning opportunities. Chances to figure out what we are doing wrong, so we can start getting it right. Rather than struggling and suffering over and over again, why not connect with like-minded people and learn from their mistakes as well as your own. Not to be better than them, but to better yourself. To find your niche and add value to your clients in the way only you can.

Lora Lonesberry, owner of Positive Statements, is our featured guest for this two-part special. Today in Part 1, she talks about the value of immersing yourself in your industry, finding the right mentors to unlock your potential and diversifying your business to minimize risks.

Her approach focuses on paying attention to the details and using the right tools to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with clients.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of getting connected to your clients
  • How to embrace technology & learning opportunities
  • The importance of immersing yourself fully in your industry
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Time Stamps 
1:32 - Lora talks about her career journey
4:24 - Immersing yourself in your industry
8:09 - Seizing the moment
15:45 - Showing your clients your value
18:04 - The numbers don’t lie
26:14 - Taking interest in your clients
30:51 - Pricing on your value
32:02 - Why you should consider becoming a Pure Bookkeeping licensee

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