EP307: Christina Springstead - Taking the Leap into your Dream Future

“I think we oftentimes can look at what we are going through and assume, we are the only one who potentially has these problems.”

-Christina Springstead

It can be really challenging to invest in ourselves. To put time, money, energy, and effort into creating the kind of people we aspire to be. Fear of the unknown often holds us back and keeps us pent up in patterns and cycles of behavior that aren’t truly serving our purpose.

Taking the leap can be hard, but it is much easier when you surround yourself with people that have already done it. We can often feel like connecting with like-minded people is a betrayal of our self-sufficiency. But it is the reverse, when we see it done, we believe more strongly than ever that we can do it too. When we see and feel people struggling up the same hills as us, we feel a sense of power in our collective connection.

Christina Springstead, owner of Springstead Solutions and Accelerate 2 Advisor Program super ambassador, talks about the power of transformation, in having faith in yourself to overcome your inner critic and taking the leap into your dream future.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of connecting with your intuition and burning life desires
  • How to transform your life by connecting with like-minded people
  • The importance of firm boundaries to manage time and energy

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Time Stamp
1:33 - Christina talks about her career journey
3:33 - Taking a leap of faith
4:35 - Dealing with your inner critic
5:45 - Overcoming challenges and obstacles
7:40 - Embracing Bookkeeping
10:55 - After the leap
13:33 - Christina talks about her biggest A-ha moment
17:35 - Transforming yourself, so you can transform others
22:00 - Finding your tribe
23:28 - The future of Christina’s business

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