EP306: Spotlight - Martin Chee - Elevating Your Bookkeeping With Automation

“If the data exists digitally, the user should be able to control that information, and use it in any way they want.”

-Martin Chee

How automated are your bookkeeping processes? It can be a real challenge to keep pace with all the apps, programs, and interfaces, marketed as making a bookkeeper's life easier. This can create reluctance to engage with automated processes.

But, how much time are you wasting, manually inputting data, that could be organized with the click of a button? If you’re afraid of jumping into the automated pool, this is the episode to ease you in.

Martin Chee, CFO, and Co-founder of Amaka, talks today about the role of automation and integration in creating more efficient businesses. There is more data out there than anyone could manage by themselves. The more effectively this data is processed, the greater the insights available.

Martin’s approach is one of valuing the work as much as your time, to reduce friction points, letting you do far more work, without the equal time drain of doing it manually, creating time savings you can also pass onto your clients.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of caring for your time, resources, and productivity
  • How to collect and manage data to the best use of your clients
  • The importance of automation in creating better services

Learn more about Amaka here.

Connect with Martin on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps

1:23 - Martin talks about his career journey
6:14 - Evolving with your product
9:20 - Knowing when to pivot
11:22 - The value of automation
21:25 - Finding the right tools for your business
25:17 - Getting your time back
33:20 - Learning more about Amaka

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