EP304: Donna McGeorge - How To Master Your Time & Productivity

“What can I do in the last part of the day that makes tomorrow morning better?”

-Donna McGeorge 

Finding balance in our lives is never easy. There can be a strong compulsion to equate working harder with being more successful. Pouring all our time, energy, and attention into work, and leaving very little for our personal lives or for more spontaneous client connections.
If you are throwing all of your effort into your business and getting the results you want, keep doing what you are doing. But if you are struggling to manage your time, and feel constantly overwhelmed, there is no harm or shame in looking at ways to better manage your time and energy to positively boost your productivity.
What can I do now that my future self will thank me for?
That is the question posed by today’s featured guest, Australian productivity expert and author, Donna McGeorge, whose approach to productivity will see you retraining your brain, protecting your time, preventing you from getting overwhelmed and leave you more energized for the day ahead. 

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • The value routine & discipline play in protecting your time
  • How to stop over-committing your time and resources
  • The importance of working consistently
Learn more about Donna here.

Get Donna’s latest book, The 1 Day Refund at this link.

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Time Stamps 

1:53 - Donna talks about her career journey
3:12 - Lessons from her upbringing
7:11 - Is what you’re doing working?
9:27 - Using our time wisely
11:58 - Where do we start?
15:30 - The hour of power
20:35 - Clean space, clean mind
25:01 - Reclaiming our time
33:35 - How to stop overcommitting
37:31 - Days down, Dollars up!

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