EP303: Spotlight - Jasen Stine & Jim Buffington - Building A Bookkeeping Business With Impact!

“You're not going to attract talent that way, they aren't interested in mindless data entry work, they want to have a meaningful impact on the world around them and if we don't create those opportunities someone else will.”

-Jasen Stine

It is easy to get set in our ways. To let fear of the future, change and innovation, keep us locked into the same patterns. That at one time may have served us, but now only serves to limit our growth.

Understanding the value of your own expertise will make it easier to move away from compliance bookkeeping. Utilize your skills as an advisor to offer far better value to your clients. When you connect with other bookkeepers and thought leaders, you will be better positioned and informed on the cutting edge of industry innovations. Learning from others, to offer more impactful services.

Jasen Stine, a Tax and Account Education Leader at Intuit and AccounTrends podcast host, and Jim Buffington, an Advisory Service Leader at Intuit Accountants, are the featured guests of a special Spotlight episode!

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of recognizing the potential of your own expertise
  • How to switch from a compliance to an advisory mindset
  • The importance of building relationships with like-minded people & thought leaders

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Time Stamps

1:40 - Jasen & Jim discuss their career journeys 

4:40 - Overcoming the big challenges 

9:40 - The needs of accountants 

17:10 - Getting your focus right 

22:00 - Building connections to cultivate expertise 

29:49 - Helpful resources for listeners

34:10 - Connecting thought leaders

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