EP300: Amber Mac - What You Need To Know About Business & Technology To Run Your Bookkeeping Firm

“Figure out exactly what your needs are and then figure out the right software choices based on those specific needs.”

-Amber Mac

For Episode 300, a special guest has arrived!

But, before we get into that, we could not be more grateful to all of our incredible guests, and all the wonderful people that make this show a reality. But most of all to our listeners, THANK YOU for your continued support! We appreciate you!

This episode features Amber Mac, a popular and well respected tech expert, speaker, best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur who has appeared on various media outlets including CNN, Bloomberg and CBS to name a few.

She has keynoted more than 400 events around the world and has moderated sessions with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, business coach Tony Robbins and famed astronaut Chris Hadfield to name a few.

She is also the host/moderator of this year’s QuickBooks Connect Canada virtual event.

During our 300th episode, you'll learn…

  • How to select the right apps and/or software for your bookkeeping business
  • Why having range can make you more successful
  • The importance of having a team so you can focus on scaling your firm

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Time Stamps 

2:02 - Discusses her career start in San Francisco

4:30 - The importance of having range in your business

6:09 - Why it’s crucial to hire people to help you on your entrepreneurial journey

7:44 - Mentions her father’s impact as her business advisor

8:33 - Describes how she finds unofficial mentors 

11:27 - How to create the right technology choices for your business

13:10 - When choosing software, think about “How can my business grow alongside this software?”

14:05 - Describes her involvement with the Quickbooks Connect Canada virtual event

16:10 - Explains the importance of constant learning & what to expect at the QB Connect event

19:55 - Details how many small business owners don’t have proper accounting systems

24:14 - Entrepreneurs should consider “How is your time well spent?”

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