EP299: Russell Munz - Putting The WOW Into Your Bookkeeping Services

“I was led by great leaders and not-so-great leaders. I learned just as much from the good leaders as the bad ones. See what you want to emulate and what you don’t.”

–Russell Munz

Is your bookkeeping business struggling to feel like a little more than a job?

Are you trying to offer multiple services but failing to deliver on many of them?

It can be hard to know what to do.

Overcoming negative issues and focusing on a niche offering can be scary. That is why systemization is so important. If you can clearly picture where you want your bookkeeping business to go, it then becomes a matter of creating and building the right systems to make it happen.

Life is short, and there will never be a right moment to take your shot. It all comes down to your perception of the future. Is trying, failing, but learning from the experience, worse than waking up after 25 years of working a job that you never enjoyed?

Russell Munz, retired Army Captain and owner of Community Financials, talks today about what it means to put a WOW factor into your services. From where we choose to learn, how we limit ourselves and variable ways to measure your success. If you are struggling to connect with clients, to learn from difficult times and invest in service, this is the episode for you.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of learning from every experience, good & bad
  • How to create a personal & engaging service
  • The importance of systemizing your operations

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Time Stamps

1:30 - Getting connected
4:10 - Russell talks about his career journey
7:30 - Learning the right lessons
14:40 - Russell’s military service
19:44 - People + Systems = Results
21:30 - Tips to improve your business
24:10 - Delivering a WOW experience
29:21 - Connecting with Russell


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