EP298: Dr. Arin Reeves - How To Prevent Burnout & Realize Your True Value - Part 2

“The more you try to force yourself to do something you hate, the less successful you will be at it.”

-Dr. Arin Reeves

Burnout is more than just feeling tired. It is a taking of energy from you, that is not replenished in equal measure. We have all had experiences of spending an hour with a person or client that drains us, and with people or clients that leave us feeling fired up and motivated.

The hour is the same, but the way we feel about it and carry that through our day is very different. It is scary to consider losing clients. But if your clients are leaving you burnt-out, you will always be left feeling like you have to force yourself into situations that aren’t good for your health.

In the second of a two-part series our guest, Dr Arin Reeves, author, advisor, president and manager at Nextions, talks about managing difficult clients, understanding burnout and knowing your true value. She prompts a way of being that stops you from giving away so many of your life hours to people that don’t value them or leave you feeling fulfilled.

Some things are just not meant to be, you can’t force them, and it doesn’t make you a failure if you stop throwing away your time and energy on clients that don’t value it.

When you are honest with yourself and commit to what you are good at, success can be the only possible outcome.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • Why being honest & knowing your value matters
  • How to recognize burnout and take steps to prevent it
  • The importance of innovating rather than imitating

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Time Stamps 
1:15 - Your life hours
3:17 - Different senses of feeling
8:10 - If it feels like hard work, it won’t lead to success
11:00 - Knowing your own value
13:40 - Women & energy management
16:10 - Dealing with burnout
25:00 - Having the courage to move away from bad clients

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