EP295: Bonnie Low-Kramen - How to Use Your Skills to Create Value for your Bookkeeping Clients

“My work enables my clients to do the things, only they can do.”

-Bonnie Low-Kramen

Great bookkeepers have a service heart. Their desire to serve others drives them. They are not interested in being in front of the camera, but they are comfortable being behind the scenes and making things happen.

The best bookkeepers are proactive and they see around corners and they anticipate and understand the context of their client’s work.

When you connect to the idea that you are a subject matter expert that can add unique value to your clients, you will be empowered to price by this value, rather than just by hours ‘worked’.

We all have natural talents, but there is nothing stopping us from chasing our dreams by learning new skills that help us better connect with people. If we look at clients only in terms of the money they will pay us, we will never be successful. People remember kindness and will pay for the value real connections bring.

Bonnie Low-Kramen, workplace expert, speaker, and author with 25 years of experience as a personal assistant talks about the importance of having the heart for service and how to use your innate and learned skills to create value for your clients that enables them the time, space, and freedom to do the things only they can do.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • The value of conquering our irrational fears
  • How to price on the value of your service
  • What to do in order to have a harmonious work environment

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Time Stamps 

1:40 - Bonnie talks about her career journey
4:50 - Understanding the role of a PA
8:00 - Adding value to your clients lives
11:50 - Mastering innate & learned skills
16:50 - Creating a harmonious work environment
25:00 - Bonnie talks about women in industry
32:30 - Conquering your fears
38:20 - Bonnie’s talks and workshops 

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