EP294 - Spotlight - Anita Koimur - Automating Data: Why You Should Embrace The Cutting Edge of Innovation

“You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your question, just go out and ask, because people really want to help each other.”

-Anita Koimur

Adapting early to innovation can be a challenge. It can be easy to get comfortable with the way we do things. To take our time and wait and see if the benefits are truly as good as people are saying, before taking the leap ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with taking time for careful consideration. But when you are open to sharing, to talking with others in our industry, to put yourself on the cutting edge of all the latest advances, you reap the benefits collectively.

In this first episode of our Spotlight series that focuses on people who are positively impacting the bookkeeping industry, Anita Koimur, founder of LiveFlow, discusses the value of talking to people, understanding their needs, and relieving their pain points as efficiently as possible. Efficiency that comes from being right at the heart of new developments as they happen. To create the best possible value for yourself and the client.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • The value of sharing with a group to resolve pain points
  • How to get comfortable on the cutting edge of industry innovations
  • The importance of asking what is needed & truly listening to the answers

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Time Stamps    
1:40 - Anita talks about her career journey
5:40 - Learning & innovating from customer needs
8:40 - Finding the right service tools for you
9:25 - Overcoming the challenges of a new business
11:50 - Changes in the automation of bookkeeping
15:00 - Getting on the positive side of new trends
18:20 - The value of sharing within the community
20:45 - Best practices in automation
26:50 - Anita talks about LiveFlow
31:20 - Information about the upcoming webinar

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