EP292: Daniel Breez - How To Take Responsibility For Your Own Success

“Don’t look at what’s the bare minimum you should be doing, look at what’s the furthest you can push yourself.”

-Daniel Breez

Starting a new bookkeeping business or growing an existing one can be a real challenge. Too many businesses try to be all things to all people. Working more hours but having less to show for it rather than connecting passionately to who it is you really want to help.

It can be tempting to blame other people, to question a lack of success as the fault of someone other than ourselves. When we take responsibility for our own success, we are more likely to push ourselves to greater heights of achievement, rather than doing the bare minimum and blaming others for our lack of conviction.

Once you know who it is you want to serve, and are passionate about them, the clients will come. If you only focus on building systems and processes that serve what you want, the workload will never get any lighter or any easier. When you find your niche, you make it possible to create a business that won’t feel like work.

Daniel Breez, owner of Measured Growth CPA and a Pure Bookkeeping licensee, talks today about the value of personal responsibility, finding your niche and learning how to leverage your strengths.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • The value of finding a niche you are passionate about
  • How to hire the best & most capable people for the job
  • The importance of personal responsibility

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Time Stamps

1:50 - Daniel talks about his business journey
4:15 - Finding the right mindset
10:00 - Knowing the right niche for you
14:40 - Getting yourself in the right rooms
17:00 - How Pure Bookkeeping elevated Daniel’s business
20:50 - The right approach to hiring
27:30 - Looking to the future


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