EP290: Jessica Hearsey - How to Build a Bookkeeping Business, Not a Job

“If I can’t find it myself, I guess I’ll just create it!”

-Jessica Hearsey

Logging in online or heading to an office everyday where you don’t feel valued can be very demoralizing. It is tough to get energized to do a job that lacks vision, clarity, or a sense of purpose.

If you don’t know how valuable you are, how can you communicate it to your clients?

Building a business is never easy, but if you feel passionately about committing to your goals and creating something you truly believe in, the clients will come. When you take the time to understand and truly know your value, people will listen.

Jessica Hearsey, owner of Altitude Accounting, talks this week about the differences between working a job and building a business. By finding the courage to stick to your convictions, you can create the life you dream of. One where people come to you because they believe in what you are doing, not just because they need something done.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • The value of creating your own vision rather than waiting for someone else’s
  • How to tear down mental barriers & act with conviction
  • The difference between working a job and building a business
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Time Stamps

1:42 - Jessica talks about her career journey
8:16 - Being your own mentor
9:40 - The hurdles of a new business
11:30 - Building a business not a job
16:33 - Committing to your goals
19:25 - Adapting to an ever-changing market
23:18 - Knowing your value
27:50 - Finding your conviction
32:10 - Tearing down mental barriers
34:10 - The challenges of the future

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