EP289: Jenn Green - How The Right Mindset Can Make You A Better Bookkeeper

“If you put five bookkeepers in a room, and give them the same set of books, you’re going to come out with five different ways of doing things.”

-Jenn Green

Life isn’t always smooth sailing. We will all face unforeseen challenges that can rock the foundations of our careers and lives. But when you know that Bookkeepers ROCK and provide so much value to the world then you will always find a way.

How well we bounce back is entirely dependent on our willingness to keep trying. To take time to learn new skills, attend seminars, workshops and training that make you a better bookkeeper.

If you find yourself in a lull, unsure about how to proceed then this is the episode for you. When you connect with your purpose, you’ll better understand what value you bring to your clients, and so, be able to price accordingly. Rather than reacting, you’ll be able to take a proactive approach driven by value and quality, not an hourly rate.

How can you expect your clients to value you if you don’t value yourself?

Jenn Green, owner of Bookminders Full-Service Bookkeeping, talks today about bouncing back after difficult and challenging times, the value of a strong, learning focused mindset, and how to set your prices based on the value you add, not the hours you work.

During this interview, you'll also learn…

  • How to build a successful business with the right pricing
  • How to identify the right learning tools for you
  • The importance of effective communication
Learn more about Jenn at this link.

Contact her directly at jenn@bookmindersservices.ca.

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Time Stamps

1:15 - Jenn talks about her career journey
2:40 - Navigating peaks & valleys
8:55 - Bringing the right people in
11:00 - Jenn talks about the impact of effective processes
15:15 - Recovering from Covid losses
17:25 - Marketing yourself confidently
22:20 - Setting your price
25:15 - Finding the right programs for you
29:10 - Changing our mindset
34:10 - Creating exponential growth

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