EP287: Kerri Thompson - How To Train Your Mind For Success

“It’s like a garden. You’re planting a lot of different seeds, and they’re all going to grow at different rates. Don’t forget to water!”

-Kerri Thompson

All too often we let the fear of losing our paycheck keep us stuck in the same jobs and the same patterns. Making changes to our situation can be difficult, but it becomes immeasurably easier when we realize we don’t have to do it alone. Everyone that has ever achieved any kind of success, did so with the help and support of friends and mentors. Why should you suffer alone?

When you surround yourself with the right people, people that support and motivate you, it becomes far easier to identify and follow the threads that will weave the tapestry of a successful career!

Kerri Thompson, owner of Simpler Transitions, talks about the importance of Mental Fitness. How adjusting our negative thought patterns and behaviors leads to greater success. Highlighting the need to help people rather than just try to sell to them. When you can pause your negative thinking, it gives you the chance to lay a new path, a better and more successful one. One that will let you build a successful bookkeeping business with ease.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • How mental fitness can shape your road map to success
  • How to identify & overcome self-sabotaging thoughts
  • The importance of finding the right support network

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Time Stamps

1:50 - Kerri talks about her career journey
6:30 - Discovering our own unique ways of selling
10:00 - Planting the seed of connection
13:40 - Overcoming limitations
19:08 - Unlocking our potential
24:30 - Experimenting with mental fitness
37:25 - Developing Positive Intelligence

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