EP286: Scott Allen & Maria Soriano Young - How To Create An Unforgettable First Impression To Attract Bookkeeping Clients

“Are we putting something into motion that we wouldn’t want to sit through?”

–Scott Allen

Tired of feeling like you aren’t winning the best bookkeeping clients? It’s time to take an honest inventory on the kind of impression you are presenting to them.

Attention spans have never been shorter, and expectations have never been higher. You have to know what you want the audience to feel and do, and then communicate that message in a way that keeps it stuck in their minds.

Scott Allen, an associate professor at John Carroll University who is also a communications coach, author, and entrepreneur. And Maria Soriano Young, a communications manager for the Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute at Cleveland Clinic, are this week’s featured guests!

Together they talk about the importance of planning for the right outcomes. How to design your first impressions, to win clients and leave your audience wanting more.

If you are struggling to design attention grabbing presentations that keep people interested, this is the episode for you!

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • How to plan for the right outcomes by curating your client’s experience
  • How to ensure your message lives on in your client’s mind
  • The importance of a good first impression & how to make it last

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You can also read their blog and listen to their podcast.

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Time Stamps

1:45 - Maria & Scott talk about their career journey
4:44 - What makes a good presentation
10:11 - Discussing the pitfalls of poor presentations
14:30 - Curating and presenting the right self-image
16:00 - Creating a background that speaks to your clients
23:00 - Audience centered design
28:40 - The keys to getting your message across
31:50 - Nurturing your relationships from start to finish
36:40 - Resources that can help you!

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