EP285: Bruce Gerstenfeld - How Time Management & Big Dreams Create Successful Bookkeepers

“You can succeed in any economy if you have the right business model and the drive to make it work.”

-Bruce Gerstenfeld

Making changes to your life is scary. But facing your fears and taking a chance has to be better than spending your life making money for other people, never really having time for yourself or your loved ones. It is never too late to make a positive change!

Our failures are only failures if we don’t act on and grow from the lessons they have to teach us. Take charge of your dreams by finding your passion. That self-motivating driving force that will propel you towards success.

Bruce Gerstenfeld is a CPA and partner in Gerstenfeld and Company. On this week's episode, he talks about the importance of finding the story behind the numbers, and helping clients get command of their time, energy and intention to chase their dreams.

During this interview, you'll also learn…

  • How to turn your bookkeeping dreams into a reality
  • How to manage career transitions, innovations & challenges
  • The importance of taking command of your calendar  

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Time Stamps

1:40 - Bruce talks about his career move into bookkeeping
3:40 - Making the most of your time
9:00 - Finding your driving force
12:18 - Learning from our mistakes
15:40 - Managing career transitions
17:58 - Finding your passion
19:00 - Learning to command your calendar
24:30 - Facing the challenges of innovation
29:00 - Bruce talks about the value of Accelerate 2 Advisor
35:00 - Bruce talks about his love for Xero
42:50 - Investing in the right programs for you

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