EP284: Mark Wickersham - How An Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Change Your Bookkeeping Business For The Better

“You cannot cut your way to greatness.”

-Mark Wickersham

Knowing your worth and setting prices that reflect that can be extremely challenging. Every new client you take on at the wrong price will make your life harder. If you are tired of working crazy long hours and still feeling like your financial security needs aren’t being met, this is the episode for you.

When we shift our mindset away from hourly rates and into value building, it can dramatically alter your business’ profitably and future. Focusing only on what we can cut to make savings, is a limited approach in comparison to the potential for unlimited growth when we know what value we bring to our clients and price accordingly.

Mark Wickersham, a chartered accountant, author and public speaker, discusses the importance of investing in ourselves to create value and opportunities by shifting our mindset to one of growth and possibility.

Once you get focused on the best end result for your clients, you’ll wonder why you were ever charging hourly in the first place.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • How to increase sales rather than rely on cutting costs
  • How to change your mindset from focusing on cost to a focusing on value
  • The importance of getting your pricing right

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Time Stamps

1:47 - What drives profit
6:00 - The entrepreneurial mindset
11:00 - Investing in the right tools and training
15:40 - Pricing on value
21:25 - How do I grow my top line?
25:40 - The power of the price lever
28:50 - Overcoming the ‘cost’ mentality
32:10 - Building value for ourselves builds it for others
33:06 - The Profitable Bookkeeping Conference

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