EP282: Emily Tarney - How Bookkeepers Can Embrace Innovation

“These systems allow us to be better for our clients. Let’s do it different, let’s do it better!”

-Emily Tarney

Innovation can be challenging in the short term, but so worth it when you start to see results. When you are able to apply the right systems and processes, they free you up to focus on doing what you do best!

Finding like minded people will help you learn and grow in a more supportive environment. Every bookkeeper has unique talents that are better applied to some clients over others. Making and retaining client relationships is about far more than a need for their business. It’s about building connections that truly help serve your clients' purpose.

Emily Tarney, creator, and head of Competitive Edge Business Solutions, talks about her vast experience in the bookkeeping industry and the importance of embracing change and challenging ourselves to do things differently. Her approach focuses on working passionately and purposefully to be more than just a bookkeeper. To be a champion of your clients' vision.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • How to get comfortable doing things a different way by embracing innovation
  • How to create a mindset focused on abundance, not scarcity and competition
  • The importance of finding the right fit between bookkeeper & client

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Time Stamps

1:33 - Emily talks about her career journey
3:50 - The obstacles of being an entrepreneur
4:30 - Emily reflects on her career milestones
7:30 - Accelerate 2 Advisor & Pure Bookkeeping
14:50 - Emily’s advice for people questioning their business
19:24 - Planning our lives before others plan them for us
21:25 - Emily discusses her vision for the future
26:10 - How to engage with prospective clients positively!
31:10 - Finding the courage to keep going

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