EP281: Jamie Van Cuyk - How To Build A Great Team To Support Your Bookkeeping Business

“Does it need to be done right or does it need to be done by you?”

-Jamie Van Cuyk

Imagine what you might be able to accomplish if you surrounded yourself with the right people.

Learning to let go of our desire to do everything ourselves, can unlock an organization’s true potential. So many businesses struggle to find the right employees because their focus has become too narrow. Shaking the bonds of our set ways can be tough, but if we don’t, we’ll always be doing more than we need to.

Jamie Van Cuyk, a small business consultant who owns Growing Your Team, talks about overcoming the challenges of hiring the right help, at the right time. Her approach enables businesses to let go of the idea that only they can maintain their processes effectively. Helping them instead to find the right people, which saves time, services more customers and increases profitability.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  •  How to build processes you can trust while being open to innovation
  • The importance of good training & trusting your employees to get it done
  •  How to let go, so your business can grow! 
Learn more about Jamie here. 

You can listen to her Growing Your Team Podcast podcast at this link.

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Time Stamps

1:14 - Jamie’s Journey

3:40 - The struggles of hiring

4:55 - The difficulties of growing your team

7:10 - Learning to let go & trust your processes

12:33 - Getting out of our own way

13:40 - The Stair-Step approach

18:50 - Humility in the face of innovation

23:30 - Knowing the right time to hire

27:30 - Jamie answers the important questions

30:35 - Knowing the right person for you

33:00 - The pros & cons of personality tests

35:40 - The focus of Grow Your Team

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