EP280: Janet Mercredi - Overcoming Your Fears By Planning For Success

“We are their shields and protectors.”

-Janet Mercredi

By putting the right systems in place, financial security, fun and freedom are natural results.

When you connect with others and learn to be open to guidance and support, successful business planning becomes much easier. Putting in the work is critical, but so is having a plan that sets systems working for you.

Janet Mercredi, certified Profit First professional and business coach, talks about the action steps she put in place to overcome her insecurities, create a thriving bookkeeping business, and go on to coach others to achieve their dreams.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to navigate the ups & downs of creating a successful bookkeeping enterprise
  • How to design your own winning ticket for success
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and resources

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Time Stamps

2:00 - Janet’s career journey
4:00 - A change in direction
7:11 - The search for a better way
9:18 - Janet talks about the positive shifts in her business
12:14 - Creating our own success
14:00 - Accelerate to advisor
17:51 - The up’s and the down’s
20:30 - Janet talks about the importance of connection
23:00 - From bookkeeping to coaching
29:20 - The entrepreneurial myth
33:00 - Janet talks about the rewards of her journey

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