EP278: The Successful Bookkeeper Year-In-Review Show! Part 2

Welcome to 2022!

We hope you had a great holiday season.

This week we are revisiting our awesome panel of bookkeepers for part two of our Year-In-Review!

We are joined by a terrific bookkeeping panel who will share what they have learned in 2021. They talk about what strategies worked, what strategies failed and what they will carry into the new year as they plan for the future.

Our panel includes:

Debbie Roberts - Co-Founder of Pure Bookkeeping & Co-Author of E-Myth Bookkeeper 

Julie Watson - Director of Bookkeeping Relief Business Services & Australian Pure Bookkeeping licensee

Jessica Fox -  Founder of Florida Virtual Bookkeeper & American Pure Bookkeeping licensee

Teresa Slack - Co-Founder of Financly & Canadian Pure Bookkeeping licensee

Katrina Aarsman - CEO of Pure Bookkeeping Australia

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The best strategies & industry trends of 2021
  • What they have learned from failure & what they will bring into the new year
  • Their envisioned plans for their businesses in 2022 

Listen to The Successful Bookkeeper Year-In-Review Show! Part 1 here.


Time Stamps

1:45 - Strategies that led to great results in 2021

5:54 - Failed approaches & what to do better in the year ahead

19:45 - Biggest industry trends

31:01 - Plans for their businesses in 2022

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