EP276: Jean Latting - How to Build Better Bookkeeping Communities

What makes a great leader?

Yes, there are many traits including when someone desires and is committed to making a positive impact in her organization.

Our guest knows something about this.

Jean Latting is the President of Leading Consciously, an organization that provides clients practical, sustainable solutions to flourish in diverse, multicultural settings and help leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses to maximize their potential. 

She joins us this week to talk about how bookkeepers can establish better community-building practices and gives advice on how to empower leaders with patience and resilience to improve communication and enable inclusion.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • What it means to be a change leader
  • How to empower people to inspire real impact
  • Why patience is important in communication

Connect with Jean on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Leading Consciously & the Pathfinders Program on their website and Facebook page.


Time Stamps

1:30 - Jean’s career journey

8:17 - Empowering people to become leaders of change

25:30 - Why having support networks can help you be more patient & less reactive

28:52 - Working with multicultural communities

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