EP273: Stephanie Kelcey - Finding Inspiration in Tribulation

Inspiration & resilience.

These are two essential ingredients that enable entrepreneurs to adapt & thrive in the face of adversity.

Our guest this week knows that going through difficult times can be profoundly transformational. Stephanie Kelcey, owner of Capture Bookkeeping Inc, joins us this week to share her journey as a bookkeeping business owner and to talk about how a critical illness changed her life & her business. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Stephanie’s journey as a business owner
  • The mindset shift every new entrepreneur needs to make 
  • How she found inspiration in her darkest moments

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Time Stamps

2:57 - Stephanie’s career journey 

7:46 - Shifting from a mindset of an employee to the mindset of an owner

13:54 - Making the decision to keep running her business while battling cancer

18:39 - How critical illness inspired her to improve her business

31:30 - Taking Lisa Campbell’s Accelerate 2 Advisor program & how it changed her business

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