EP272: Connie Kadansky - How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

The hesitation to initiate with potential clients.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with this self-imposed barrier. It is a fear preventing otherwise talented salespeople from recognizing and promoting their value to prospective buyers.

Our guest this week is a recognized sales expert who is focused on tackling sales call reluctance. For the last 25 years, she has trained and coached thousands of sales professionals in hundreds of companies, large & small. A noted authority on sales productivity, Connie Kadansky joins us this week to talk about how to break free from mental habits that conspire to keep us from being successful. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to identify sales call reluctance 
  • The 4-step system to overcome it
  • Ways to shift your mindset & leverage your strengths to grow your business

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Time Stamps

1:52 - Connie’s career journey

3:56 - Shifting your mindset to overcome sales call reluctance

12:28 - 4 steps to grow your business: Step 1 - Bringing awareness to your strengths & measuring your costs

15:22 - Step 2 - Assessing your call reluctance

20:26 - Step 3 - Admitting your vulnerability

26:27 - Step 4 - Apply proven techniques

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